Violeta Echeverría Martín
Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance
Arch. Med. Univ. 2018, No5, ISSN: 2341-0361

Abstract: Brain function is a somewhat complex issue. However, based on the theory of the network system that includes concepts such as Modularity, Scaling, Connectome, Emergence and Specialization, we can draw some points in common that allow an approximation to the underlying mechanisms of cerebral connectivity. In the field of neuroimaging, there is a large number of techniques that allow the brain to
observe the anatomical and functional approaches in different ways and allow us to make correlations that guide us in order to unravel the mechanisms of brain function. The most commonly used techniques in
neuroscience are magnetic resonance, electroencephalogram, and magnetic stimulation. And it is by combining those theoretical concepts with the data obtained from the different techniques that allow neuroscientists to expand their knowledge in neuroscience. The aim of this work is to combine and facilitate the understanding of some complex concepts regarding the functioning of the brain and to serve as an introduction to research work in the field of neurology

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