María del Carmen Gervilla-Navarro¹, Beatriz Morón-Cívico¹.

  1. Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Granada (UGR).
    Nuria López-Martín², Raquel Fernández-Polo², Andrea Martínez-Mellinas², Mercedes Barrera-Bautista², Daniela
    Sánchez-Sánchez², Javier Saldaña-Martínez².
  2. Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, University of Granada (UGR).

Teamwork is an increasingly important aspect in educational, employment and social contexts. This narrative review, which aims at analysing the university students’ perceptions of teamwork, includes the results of the 23 articles about this topic found in the MEDLINE database, between 2015 and 2019. Taking into account the objective of this review, these criteria were applied in accordance with the PICOT strategy. Furthermore, an analysis of these publications in relation to their country of origin and impact is included. The dynamism of employment contexts requires the development of specific essential skills, such as those needed for effective teamwork. The scientific articles analyzed suggest that university students generally consider the training on teamwork skills to be positive, when this training used inter-professional education programs and other new methodologies. For the people who participated in these experiences, this means not just a greater appreciation of this kind of multidisciplinary project activities, but also a tool for the learning about another profession’s functions and responsibilities, or for being able to cope with work-related stress in a better manner. Considering the most relevant information and based on the educational framework within the European Higher Education Area, the importance of activating the necessary processes to enable the implementation of this kind of content in university studies to a greater extent is reflected.

Keywords: university students, teamwork, perception.

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