Silvia Clares-Mena¹, Alejandro Fernández-Valverde¹, Rosa María Zumaquero-Pérez².

  1. Faculty of Medicine, University of Granada (UGR).
  2. Faculty of Sciences (Biology), University of Granada (UGR).
    Pablo Torregrosa-Parra³, Miguel Sillero-Romero³, Mario Sánchez-Cortés-Macías³, Ana Goás-Pérez³, Alicia Gómez-Patiño³, Julia González-Cuenca³.
  3. Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, University of Granada (UGR).

Research in this field over the years has suggested that road crashes are the reason behind numerous deaths per year worldwide. Studying all risk factors related to these accidents reveals the considerable importance of the human factor. Alcohol, speeding, physiological state or failure to use safety measures are the most important, but the validity of the driving license is studied to a lesser extent. This is why this non-systematic review of the literature is conducted. A statistically significant relationship between expired, suspended or revoked driving licenses and accident risk was found. In addition, this review revealed that the risk of road crash among unlicensed drivers is closely linked to other sort of human factors, mainly alcohol, drug use and speeding. Sex and age have been important demographic parameters in studies, concluding that men and young people are more likely to drive without a valid license.

Keywords: driving license, accident, sex, young people, unlicensed drivers, drivers.

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