José Mateos-Granados  ¹ , Carmen María López-Pérez  ¹ , Ana Elena Lizana-Serrano  ¹ , Álvaro Díaz Gómez  ¹ , Alejandra Díaz-García  ¹ , Raquel Moya-Barquero  ¹
1 Estudiante del Grado en Medicina de la Universidad de Granada (UGR)

Paola Rodríguez-González
² , José Luis Castillo-del-Águila ² , Irene Torres-Martínez ² , Ana García-Canteli ² , María Ruiz- Escrivá ² , Nuria Vadillo-Ucea ²
2 Student of the BA in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada (UGR)

Asbestos has been a source of concern in the health field since the first cases of cancerous disease were discovered. It has been used in roofing and building insultation, and for years the population has been exposed to its harmful effect. Nowadays, the scientific community is fully aware of the adverse effects of asbestos on the respiratory system. However, the consequences in other systems are not so clearly defined. In this review, we attempt to collect all published and studied information on the relationship between asbestos and gastro-intestinal (GI) cancer. For this purpose, we address separately each part of the digestive system in which possible evidence has been studied, as well as the generalities found in the scientific
literature on this relationship.

Keywords: asbestos, cancer, digestive system.

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